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Hardware Support Plan

Hardware Support Plan


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All QuickBooks & Point of Sale Compatible Hardware (listed on homepage) are supported under this plan.


We Support:

  • Only Technical Support is provided to a compatible device which has stopped working.
  • New hardware are installed and synchronized with the QuickBooks and Point of Sale to function successfully.
  • Customization of hardware, if possible, with the software is also supported. (for instance Receipt-Printout customization for Point of Sale).

We Do Not Support:

Repair, Replacement, Exchange, Return and Hardware Purchase is Not Supported however a guidance can be given regarding the mentioned cases. We might ask you to contact the supplier/manufacturer if the hardware is under valid warranty.

What if we could not fix the issue:

If the hardware has gone bad then nobody can fix it and you might have to get a new device however we will perform the Hardware-Response-Test before declaring it a dead device. If it passes successfully the Hardware-Response-Test then we are 100% sure of fixing your issue so no need to worry about it. In case, by any chance, if we could not fix the issue the money is refunded Only for One Time Support Plan.

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